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Diversity Student Programs

Committed to Intercultural Advocacy

Diversity Student Programs

Diversity Student Programs welcomes you to Emporia State University and formally invites you to join us and to participate in the number of opportunities and events organized by our office. Hosted out of our office are cultural celebrations, social activities and events, leadership and development programs, and diversity training which align with the mission, values, and goals of Emporia State University.

In the Office of Diversity Student Programs, we are diligent to provide an inclusive, supportive, and accessible environment for those of marginalized backgrounds and we see it as our duty to provide a safe space for intercultural dialogue and engagement. We understand that diversity and social justice are important when challenging systems that perpetuate injustice and inequality.

The work of making Emporia State University a diverse and inclusive environment is not the job of just one person or department nor does it stop with us, so we encourage everyone, students, faculty, staff, and community to engage and participate in the fun and uniquely fulfilling programs we have to offer. 

Our Values

STINGERS support Diversity!

Support. We develop advocacy initiatives to support underrepresented and marginalized student populations.

Teach. We strive to teach, train and inform others about our mission creatively, both face to face and virtually.

Inspire Inclusivity. The Office of Diversity Student Programs enhances ESU’s Strategic Plan by embracing that inclusion is a core value of this University. We desire to make the ESU experience relevant to all.

Need. We acknowledge there is a strong need for the work of diversity, equity and inclusion to be campus-wide.

Give. We give students spaces for their voices to be heard.

Empower. We promote and encourage adaptive leadership for all.

Reach. We desire to reach and impact generations with our mission.

Student Engagement and Service. Our office collaborates with campus, community and beyond to develop events, programs and initiatives to serve ESU students.

Social Media

Twitter, @esuDSP

Instagram, @emporiadsp

Facebook, Emporia State University-Diversity Student Programs

ESU Diversity Ambassadors

Diversity Ambassadors

Assist in the planning of cultural heritage months; educate, advocate, and train peers as an arm of the Office of Diversity Student Programs.

Diversity Ambassadors
Hispanic Heritage dance

Events + Initiatives

Every academic year ESU celebrates, educates and honors members of different cultures. Visit this page to see our annual events.

Events + Initiatives
Student Speaking to Group

Identity Based Student Organizations

At ESU, there are over 100 registered student organizations that provide great opportunities for students to get involved.

Identity Based Student Organizations
Fountain in front of Emporia State University campus


Creating and supporting transformative experiences of spiritual growth, ethical reflection, interfaith + intercultural dialogue.

Corky statue

Corky's Dreamers

We provide a welcoming and safe space to assist students in navigating through Emporia State University.

Corky's Dreamers